Mission:To promote health and well-being for youth and families

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MOST FL is a social norms marketing campaign that addresses the issue of youth drug and alcohol use in our community. For years we’ve focused our efforts on trying to fix the “problem” of youth drug and alcohol use with modest results. Even our media outlets tend to hone in on “problem youth” further fueling misperceptions, and likely contributing to the problem. The fact of the matter is, our data tells a very different story – that the majority of our kids are doing the right thing. So, our goal is to focus on what’s RIGHT with our youth and community. By focusing on identifying and changing the misperceptions of others, we can begin to notice the ways in which our own perceptions are skewed. For example, MOST youth at Forest Lake Area High report making good choices regarding drug and alcohol use. The perception among youth (and many adults), however, is that most youth are drinking alcohol or using drugs. When we challenge this perception with facts, it empowers youth to become part of the majority - they feel less pressure to conform to negative social norms because they know MOST youth are making good choices.

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Become a MOST FL Champion! Help us create a safe and drug-free community for area youth. It’s easier than you think. To learn more, contact Matt Howard at matt.howard@ysblakesarea.org, Kristy Elkerton at kelkerton@flaschools.org, or Ashley LaValle at 432@flpd.com

Get involved!

The MOST FL team meets the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm at the Forest Lake City Hall. You are welcome to join us.
For more information on MOST FL, contact:
Matt Howard,co-chair at, 651-464-3685 or matt.howard@ysblakesarea.org,
Kristy Elkerton at kelkerton@flaschools.org,
Nancy Carlson at 435@flpd.com.
MOST FL presentations are currently being scheduled in all Forest Lake Area School District communities. If you know of someone who’d like a presentation, please let us know – no group too big or too small! Remember, MOST teens in Forest Lake are making good choices, but we still have work to do!